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Mar 13, 2019

In the latest episode of the Expat Focus podcast we’re talking about the way Brexit has altered the lives of EU citizens - including Brits - who have chosen to live in other member states.
Elena Remigi is one of them. As an Italian living in the UK, the years since the 2016 Brexit vote have been filled with uncertainty over whether she’ll be able to stay - or is even still welcome - in the country she calls home. 
Elena founded a project called ‘In Limbo’. It started with a Facebook Group that she created for people to share their Brexit experiences. And these personal accounts from EU citizens in the UK were compiled for a book. That book - called ‘In Limbo’ was quickly followed by a second, entitled ‘In Limbo Too’ – which shares the stories of UK citizens living elsewhere in Europe.
As the political stoush over a Brexit agreement continues, and the 29th of March comes ever closer, In Limbo is a reminder for all of us, of just how deeply this issue is affecting people’s lives.